Haiku the Psalms 1-5

I have to admit, I googled 'Haiku' to find out what it was. 

Then I had a go. I tried to Haiku Psalm 1.

I did it because of a conversation I had recently with Dr. Peter Adam. 

He told me how he encourages people to dwell on Scripture - to meditate on it - rather than reading something and moving on.

I figure if I #HaikuThePslams it will help me do this. It will force me to read deeply enough to formulate a feeble 5-7-5 poem. It seems to have worked, for me at least.

Here goes the first 5/150...

To have fruitful life,
Live by the stream of God’s Word.
Drink truth and beauty.
— Psalm 1
The kings of the world
Pool their hatred to mock God.
The King of Kings laughs.
— Psalm 2
Enemies will say,
You are beyond God’s reach. Stress!
God says, You’re mine. Sleep.
— Psalm 3
Food and drink are good,
But when life is difficult,
Get your joy from God.
— Psalm 4
Here’s a mystery:
God can’t abide evil men,
He hates all who sin.
Yet when I sought him,
He flung wide the door, In love
He beckoned me in.
— Psalm 5